The Harvest Helper
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Welcome to The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening System

Would you like to learn organic gardening techniques and/or general gardening principals?

Would you like to stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides?

Would you like to solve gardening problems easily with no research needed?

The Harvest Helper will help you have the most successful garden you have ever had!

The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening Text

A 330+ Book written in outline format, using very little prose
Step-by-Step Directions
23 Categories
Find any information in seconds

Calculate planting dates specific to your garden based on your frost date
Calculate the exact date to start seedlings for 30 + vegetables
Calculate the exact date to transfer seedlings in the garden
Calculate the exact date to direct seed
Calculate the approximate harvest date
Calculate if you have enough time for another crop

The Harvest Helper Workbooks on CD

Helps you create a worksheet for every vegetable and flower in your garden.
The Workbooks sheets are based on the 23 categories for Vegetables
and 13 Categories  for Flowers. 
Use it as a learning tool to learn gardening and organic gardening.


The Harvest Helper Record Keeping Forms on CD

Helps you keep tract of every action that your perform in this year's garden.
Design your plot plan for your garden.
Keep track of plant care.
Keep accurate notes.
Evaluate what worked and what didn't.
Forms are available for Vegetables and Flowers.


A blank Calendar so you can use it year after year
A Planting Bed Diagram
A form to trace rain/weather and when you water 
A form to track your tasks
A form to track your planting dates
A form to track fertilization
A harvest form to track the number of pounds you harvest
A form to tract the different organic pesticides and fungicides
A form for seed saving
A form for keeping track of successes, failures, and general notes