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The Harvest Helper Story

The concept of instant information started to grow more years than I can believe have gone by. I was frustrated wading through pages of gardening books just to find that one piece of information that would make the difference in getting the perfect tomato.  I knew it was in there but more often than not, I wasted time trying to find it.  This kept happening over and over again.  I also ruined a few of my gardening “bibles” because I left them in the garden and it rained.

That next winter I started summarizing information from the "Bibles" of gardening that I had in my library and I was very surprised at how little information a 300+ page book really gave me. I had hardly any information on my very comprehensive data collection sheet. 

  Within the year I developed the idea for a planting wheel. Originally, there were 8 wheels, one for each "family" of vegetables. In 1993, I received a patent for a kit that included a summary card for each vegetable. Each card had an old fashioned sorting system using holes, slots and a sorting skewer.  Later in the 1990s I produced and printed my first wheels.  By 2000 I finished my book.

Now for the first time ever, any gardener, from novice to professional, has access to instant formation. Up until this point, this was not possible! This is the first time that a book has been produced 99% in outline format.  I have combined my own hands-on experience as a market gardener with extensive research to provide gardeners with the most complete information available from any gardening book.  My book is written in a clear, well-organized outline format, with very little prose and divided into 23 Categories.
           My company is organically oriented.   I believe strongly that chemicals and pesticides have no place near my family. My original garden was certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and I also served on that organization's certification committee in the state of Connecticut before the government took over the certification process.

My products encourage the practice of organic gardening, and give you the information, methods and products that you need to grow healthy plants.  Now gardeners can be more productive, stay organized, learn more about gardening, and especially organic gardening, but most of all, have fun and enjoy the experience!

Many people have the idea that organic vegetables are filled with holes and don’t look very nice.  They have the idea that it is just too hard to learn to use organic methods.  Both of these are just not so.  

There are few books with very specific step-by-step instructions.  And very few all in one place.  That changed when I published “The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening for Vegetables”.

If you are a novice, I believe that there is no better text to learn to garden.  My book doesn’t just teach organic gardening, but time tested gardening methods.

If you are an advanced gardener but have used pesticides and chemical fertilizer, this is the perfect text to transition from chemical dependency to healthy organic methods and products. 

It is my hope that my products make your garden very productive and at the same time make it much easier on your time.  Many people don’t have a garden because of the demands on their schedule.  When you have a mentor, you avoid mistakes.

Wishing you a great gardening season,

Kathleen B. deMaCarty