The Harvest Helper
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The Harvest Helper Gardening System Kit

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The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening for Vegetables Book

"The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening for Vegetables" is written in outline format, using very little prose. The amount of information in this book is more than any other book on the market today.  The vegetables are organized in alphabetical order with categories and Step-by-Step instructions.  It is invaluable for the novice or the gardener that still has something to learn and for even the expert gardener that wants to go from chemical dependency to organic.

My book is divided into 23 Categories

Step-by-Step Directions

Find any information in seconds!  Because everything is divided in categories, it is a piece of cake to find any piece of information that you need.  This applies to each and every vegetable.

The Harvest Helper Planting Wheel
"The Harvest Helper Planting Wheel" is a garden tool that you can use throughout the season. Plan in the Winter, Start seedlings and seed tapes in Spring, Transplant in the Spring and Summer and Harvest throughout the Summer and Fall.

The Harvest Helper Workbooks and Yearly Record Keeping Forms on CD
There are four sets of forms on this CD. 
1.  Vegetable Workbook
2.  Flower Workbook
3.  Yearly Record Keeping Forms for Vegetables
4.  Yearly Record Keeping Forms for Flowers