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Solving Problems

I am Kathleen deMaCarty and I have written and invented an unbelievably unique set of products that will instantly give you the information that you want - WITHIN SECONDS.  “The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening for Vegetables” not only teaches organic gardening but tried and true gardening techniques.


My unique products solve several problems:


PROBLEM #1.  WAISTING TIME - The book is planned out with 23 categories and in outline format and easy Step-by-Step directions.  You won’t waste time looking for information.  You will find it the first time.


PROBLEM #2.  LEARNING GARDENING TECHNIQUESThis book is not just an organic gardening book, it is a gardening book.  You will learn how to garden if you are a novice and if you are experienced, you may learn something that you didn’t think of to improve the quality or timing of your vegetables.


PROBLEM #3.  LEARNING ORGANIC GARDENING – If you wanted to go green with your garden but you were afraid that it would be a disaster, then my book will show you the way – what to use, how to use it, how to prevent it or how to avoid it - AND HOW TO DO IT.


PROBLEM #4.  CONFUSING AND HARD TO FIND INSTRUCTIONS – I use simple Step-by-Step directions.  Each task or step is broken down and it is presented in outline format.  I assume no knowledge.  The experienced gardener can just skip over sections and go right to the step that they want to learn.


PROBLEM #5.  WHAT NOT TO DO -   Have you ever planted corn and made a nice straight single row and wondered why you didn’t get any corn?  Well, planting in a single row is a big no-no.  Sometimes you just have to know what NOT to do.


PROBLEM #6.  WHICH PLANTING METHOD TO USE – My book goes over the different planting methods for each of the 30+ vegetables and their cultivars.  Do you like Square Food Gardening, or double row?


PROBLEM #7.  CONFUSING PLANTING DATES– Vegetables have different tolerances to frost.  Some tolerate hard frost and others will be put in the compost heap when frost touches them.  My wheel will help you plant at the exact perfect time and will also give you the date to plant 3 weeks earlier than usual.   You just have to know how to protect the seedlings.  This is where the book comes in.  And you don’t have to count backwards on the calendar ever again.


PROBLEM #8.  DISORGANIZED RECORD KEEPING – Notebooks are great but they are hard to set up for each individual vegetable.  With my flower and vegetable workbook forms and yearly record keeping forms, keeping organized is a snap.  Just print it out year after year.  This makes it easy to look back to last year and duplicate or avoid certain things that you did.


            My mission is to raise the gardening education of the general public so that through education, the home gardener will no longer have to resort to harmful chemicals.  It’s not necessary. But you do have to know how and what to use.


            When I started to learn to garden I bought every gardening “bible”.  I would bring the books into the garden so I had the information.  I even had a desk in the garden that I could stand at and check the information.  They always got mud on them even though I was careful.  And I won’t even talk about when it rained and I forgot that the book was still in the garden near my compost tumbler and composting worms. How many books have you ruined because you left a book in the garden?  I ruined 3.


            I learned the hard way that I do NOT bring my gardening books into the garden.


            So, I stopped bringing my books into the garden.  I wanted to grow organic foods.  But without the information at my fingertips, it would be more difficult. When I was ready to plant, I forgot the exact spacing – I’m a perfectionist – I would trudge up to the dining room table to check my organic farming and gardening books.  I would forget the perfect gardening tools.  So, I had to trudge back up the hill.  I wasted so much time I can’t tell you. 


            Since I am problem solver – How can I have my vegetables in the garden and eat them, too?


            I decided to summarize the information on my 156K Mac - or was it Mac’s 1st laptop with a whopping 2 megs?  I had all winter to read and summarize.  That’s how it started.  I invented a sorting system and everything was supposed to be summarized on one card.  I received a patent for my Vegetable Cards with the sorting system and my wheel.  I went around to some major publishing house.  They all loved it but there was always the BUT….  I kept hearing ingenious, but it has to be manufactured.  This didn’t set well with book publishing companies.


            I worked for a school district for almost 26 years and am happy to say that I am now retired from there.  But in the mid 1990s we worked for 2 years without a contract.  So, some major publishing houses felt that it should be a book and be a vegetable gardening book, it shall be.  Another few years.


            “The Harvest Helper Planting Wheel” is a garden tool that you can use throughout the season.  It is especially useful in the late winter and the spring because that is when seed starting begins.  But it can also be used to tell the exact planting dates to put the different types of vegetables in the planting bed or when to plant directly into the garden.  If you put your seedlings in too early you will limit the plant growth.  If you put them in at the wrong time you may need some serious pest control.  If you put your frost tender vegetables in before a hard frost without protection, then you might as well as put them in your compost tumbler or compost pile.  That happened to me once and it almost killed me to put 100 tomato plants in the compost pile.  What was worse, I had to buy my organic seedlings and it cost me a fortune. 


            “The Harvest Helper Planting Wheel” basically tells you when to start your seedlings, when to transplant or direct seed, when to harvest and even tells you if there is enough time to plant another crop between harvesting a bed and the frost date.  It can even tell you how many days or weeks are left before you go on vacation.


            “The Harvest Helper Flower and Vegetable Workbooks” and “Yearling Record Keeping Forms” is on the 2nd CD.  You can make your own book and keep detailed notes that are tailored to your garden whether you live in Main or California.  Have you ever forgotten what you did in the garden last year and could kick yourself?   


            If you are a serious gardener and are committed to getting better each year, I am going to ask you to click the BUY NOW button: