The Harvest Helper
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The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening for Vegetables
"The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening for Vegetables" is a 330+ text organized alphabetically by vegetable.  For each vegetable there are 23 categories and each category is written in outline format with bullets and at times Step-by-Step Directions.  This text tells you what to do but it also tells you what not to do, i.e. for planting methods.  It is easy to follow and is especially good for beginners and students.  

It teaches gardening.  It teaches organic gardening and it guides you thru every aspect from seed-starting to harvest and beyond.  It gives your procedures and organic recepies for pest control and fertilization.

It is the perfect text for the novice and the expert who wants to start gardening organically.

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The Harvest Helper Planting Wheel

"The Harvest Helper Planting Wheel" is a garden tool that you can use throughout the season.  It is especially useful in the late winter and the spring because that is when seed starting begins.  But it can also be used to tell the exact planting dates to put the different types of vegetables in the planting bed, or when to plant directly  into the garden.  If you put your seedlings in too early, you will limit the plant growth or they may not germinate.  If you put them in at the wrong time you may need some serious pest control.  If yo put the frost tender vegetables in before a hard frost without protection, your plants will be killed.  That happened to me once and it almost killed me to put 100 plants in the compost pile.

“The Harvest Helper Planting Wheel” basically tells you when to start your seedlings, when to transplant or direct seed, when to harvest and even tells you if there is enough time to plant another crop between harvesting a bed and the frost date. It can even tell you how many days or weeks are left before you go on vacation. 

On the back of the Wheel, are the number of inches/feet between plants and row, the list of warm and cool weather vegetables, Shade vegetables, and what kind of mulch to use with the different plants.

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The Harvest Helper Workbooks on CD:
Vegetable and Flowers Workbooks
Yearly Record Keeping Forms

The Harvest Helper CD allows you to make your own book and keep detailed notes that are tailored to your garden whether you live in Maine or California.

The Vegetable and Flower Workbooks are designed to have you summarize each cultivar by simply checking off the best method or product under each of the 23 categories.  If you are a beginner this will help you easily learn what to do with each plant.

The Yearly Record Keeping forms, you can record accurate notes.  This means that you can duplicate a specific method or buy the perfect variety or cultivar next year. Good gardeners repeat success!

The Harvest Helper Kit contains all three products:  Book, CD and Wheel

1.  "The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening for Vegetables" (330+ Pages) - organized in outline format.

2.  "The Harvest Helper Flower and Vegetable Workbooks" on CD - Print out each set of forms for each plant in your garden.
        "The Harvest Helper Yearly Record Keeping Forms" on CD - Print them year after year and as many as you want.

3.  "The Harvest Helper Planting Wheel"- Use it to calculate the seed-starting, transplanting, direct seeding and harvest dates specific to YOUR garden.